Jamaica·March 2 - 7 2022

Rise and Rejuvenate Retreat

Calm the mind, move with purpose, explore paradise, and have a good time.



It’s a tremendous time to invest in your overall health and wellbeing, so rise to the challenge and rejuvenate your life during the wellness retreat of a lifetime that embraces a holistic approach to vacation in paradise. If you have been looking for an opportunity to instill habits you are proud of, with Outrun Gravity, you will explore new forms of exercise that connect you to the earth, challenge your mind to be present, and nourish your body with organic foods that boost your natural immunity and promote overall wellness. During this wellness-based retreat on the beautiful island of Jamaica, you will connect with like-minded individuals as you learn tools and strategies that will empower you to be the person you want to be. So, embark on a fulfilling adventure and rise to your greatest potential by dedicating energy towards self love, self care, and self empowerment during the Rise and Rejuvenate Retreat.




Approach activities with purpose and rise to the challenge, whether it be testing your limits during a mobility and strength workout with enthusiastic instructor Courtney Cornwall or practicing mindfulness during a yoga flow led by spiritual leader Cassanie McKenzie. Set the tone for your day as you cultivate a resilient mindset to become the best version of yourself.



Cultivate new relationships and have fun as you compete in OG Games designed to challenge you cognitively and encourage teamwork. Enjoy your daily free time by participating in group excursions, engaging in water activities, and immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of Montego Bay. This beautiful experience offers everything you need to have fun and feel refreshed.



Reach new levels of inner peace as you explore spa life and enjoy a detox massage with professional on-site practitioners at the luxurious Bali-esque resort. Embark on a journey of gratitude and reflect on the opportunity to prioritize your physical and mental wellness through thoughtful movement, nourishing foods, and appreciating the present moment.


Courtney Cornwall

Courtney Cornwall

Courtney founded Outrun Gravity in 2019 and is a certified personal trainer, life coach, group fitness instructor, and philanthropist with over 17 years of experience in the industry. His passion for seeking meaningful experiences was sparked by a cruise vacation trip where he found himself surrounded by unhealthy options and limited social connections that left him feeling unclear, lethargic, and guilty. These feelings created a desire to promote health, wellness, and community, which are the core values of this Retreat.

Cassanie McKenzie

Cassanie McKenzie

Cassanie’s yoga journey began on a quest to a Mexican yoga surfing camp that instead ended on a trip to the Sivananda Yoga Ashram on Paradise Island in the Bahamas in 2006, where she completed 200 hours of Yoga teacher training. She has been teaching consistently ever since! Over the years, Cassanie has added other modalities to her toolbox of healing, offering expertise in the fields of meditation, Mat Pilates 1, Tarot, and Nutritional coaching.








Arrive at Sangster International airport where your guide, a member of our local team, will be waiting to escort you the 25-minute ride to Silent Waters Villa. Once you’ve settled in, you’ll get a tour of the property and get a taste of the beautiful land you will get to know over the few days. Before dinner, everyone will get to meet each other during a 30-minute slow yoga session where we will stretch and reset the body after a long day of travel. Following yoga, we will refuel our bodies with a healthy dinner prepared and served by our own private chefs.




Rise and rejuvenate as we take a lively start to the day with a 30-minute bodyweight strength and conditioning class followed by 30 minutes of restorative yoga. A healthy breakfast will be available after, and then you are free to spend the day exploring Montego Bay, playing tennis, golfing, going on an excursion, or relaxing on the property. In the evening we will offer a mindset workshop to work on visualizing goals before eating dinner.




Following breakfast, we will spend the morning giving back to the community as we team up with Farm up Jamaica, so be prepared to get your hands dirty and do a little sweating during this 2-hour experience. Here, we will learn about sustainable agriculture and farming in Jamaica and its economic impact on the country. Following the excursion, you are again free to explore Montego Bay however you choose. In the evening, we will engage in a guided meditation followed by a vision and goals workshop before dinner.




Today, we embrace self-care and reconnect with our core self as we begin the day with a 40-minute bodyweight class exploring animal flow movements. Focusing on mobility and the mind-to-body connection, we will use this time as an opportunity to set intentions and challenges for ourselves. Following breakfast, you’ll have plenty of time to explore, hit the beach, go sightseeing, or relax! In the evening we will reconvene for a community gathering filled with live music, dance, a drum circle, and overwhelming energy of gratitude and love. During this ceremony we will reflect on the past few days of the retreat and the tools that can be carried home with us.




Today we depart our return flight home, so we will have a leisurely morning with time to enjoy breakfast and take a last walk along the white sand beach before boarding the vehicle to be escorted back to the airport.

What's Included

What's Included


Breakfast & Dinner

Fitness Classes

Yoga Classes

Meditation sessions


Airport Transportation

Group Travel

Free time!

Covid-19 test in Jamaica


Spa services

Flight to/from Jamaica


Additional food, snacks and alcohol

Supporting Jamaican Farmers

A Farm to Table Experience

Join us as we team up with Farm up Jamaica to plant crops and get educated on the agricultural industry in Jamaica. We will work alongside Jamaican farmers to discover ways to create sustainable growth to improve Jamaican communities. Experience the most natural way to get a workout on the land - farming is the best way to get functional training! It's an unforgettable educational experience followed by a meal from crops on the farm.

Supporting Jamaican Farmers


The retreat was so good for my soul, mentally and physically. The workouts were fun, challenging and I liked that a person of any level of fitness could participate. The hike was something I had never done before -- it took me out of my comfort zone, but I was proud that I accomplished it. We've all been cooped inside during COVID and the winter - so being able to be outside on a great day was such a bonus. I also met some amazing people during the hike who also enjoy working out and being challenged.


Add Ons



Chukka zipline, tube, & horse ride & swim with access pass to ocean outpost park. Approximately 6 hours, hotel pickup offered....
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Your purchase includes your room, breakfast, diner, transportation to and from the airport, yoga, fitness classes, workshops, and meditation classes.

Air fair, alcohol, excursions, massages

Airport transportation for pick and drop off are included in your booking. When your booking is finalized we will organize your prick up and drop off.

Travel insurance for all our retreats is mandatory. Unfortunately, we cannot allow participation unless proof of insurance is sent to us prior.

Make sure that your travel insurance covers canceled flights so that you can claim back your total value of the retreat.

Yes! You can choose which activities you want to participate in.

Yes, you can organize an excursion on your own. We urge you to consult with our team for suggestions. 

All persons travelling to Jamaica require a Travel Authorization document. A Travel Authorization is NOT required to book your flight. It is however a requirement for check-in and boarding and the airlines will not allow passengers to board without it. In order to obtain a Travel Authorization document, persons ordinarily resident in Jamaica (nationals as well as non-nationals resident by virtue of marriage, work permit, etc.) should apply at https://jamcovid19.moh.gov.jm/immigration.html and non-residents at https://travelauth.visitjamaica.com.

Yes, A Covid-19 negative test result is required within 3 days of planned travel to Jamaica. 

Rise and Rejuvenate Retreat

Jamaica· March 2 - 7 2022· 5 nights