Italy·September 16 - 22 2024

Tuscany Wellness Retreat

Nourish your mind, body, and soul while immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the Italian countryside.



Escape to the heart of Tuscany, Italy, with Outrun Gravity's Wellness Retreat, a transformative journey that combines the best of wellness, culture, and cuisine. Nestled in the picturesque Tuscan countryside, this retreat offers a holistic experience that rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul. One of the key highlights of this retreat is the celebration of Tuscan gastronomy and wine. Participants will immerse themselves in the rich culinary traditions of Tuscany through a hands-on cooking class led by local chefs. Delight your taste buds as you savor the flavors of freshly prepared Italian dishes and enjoy wine tastings that showcase the region's world-renowned vintages. As you explore the stunning landscapes and charming countryside, you'll be enchanted by the beauty of Tuscany. Short hikes through vineyards and olive groves will allow you to reconnect with nature, fostering a sense of serenity and mindfulness. In addition, a truffle hunting excursion will introduce you to the region's culinary treasures. A day trip to Florence offers a cultural immersion, where you can admire Renaissance art and architecture, while experiencing the city's vibrant history and contemporary charm. Outrun Gravity's Wellness Retreat in Tuscany is the perfect blend of relaxation, exploration, and indulgence, promising an unforgettable and revitalizing experience for all participants.




During the week-long wellness retreat in Tuscany, participants will savor the essence of Tuscan cuisine and wine. Led by a local chef, they'll engage in an authentic cooking class, mastering the art of preparing traditional Italian dishes. Retreat goers will also relish various wine tasting experiences at the enchanting Fattoria Lavacchio, immersing themselves in the exquisite flavors of Tuscany



Led by Outrun Gravity's expert coaches, retreat goers in Tuscany, Italy, embark on a transformative journey. Engage in personal development workshops to enhance your mindset, and find inner peace through daily yoga and mobility classes. Gentle hikes amidst the Tuscan scenery provide a holistic wellness experience, nurturing both body and spirit.



Retreat goers forge lifelong bonds while relishing a day trip to Florence, Italy, as they explore its artistic wonders. Truffle hunting adds an element of shared adventure, and leisurely relaxation and exploration across the charming Tuscan landscape create lasting memories and friendships


Courtney Cornwall

Courtney Cornwall

Courtney founded Outrun Gravity in 2019 and is a certified personal trainer, life coach, group fitness instructor, and philanthropist with over 17 years of experience in the industry. His passion for seeking meaningful experiences was sparked by a cruise vacation trip where he found himself surrounded by unhealthy options and limited social connections that left him feeling unclear, lethargic, and guilty. These feelings created a desire to promote health, wellness, and community, which are the core values of this retreat.

Elise Fasick

Elise Fasick

Elise joined the Outrun Gravity team in 2020 and is an educator, certified life coach, personal trainer and 200RYT Yoga instructor.  Her education and public health background provide a strong foundation for supporting clients in the fitness community and working toward the holistic development of youth.   Elise believes life is a team sport and that the strength of a community is essential to wellness.  







Arrival day

Arrive at the airport where our team members will greet you with a smiling face, and ready to escort

you to La Fattoria Lavacchio, our stunning retreat location. Take your time to settle into your

room and then join the group for a tour of the property and a glimpse of what your next week

in paradise will look like. We will all meet for a rejuvenating post-travel yoga session before a

delicious, farm-to-table dinner where we can make our introductions and get ready for the week ahead.



Truffle hunting

The second day allows you to truly get a sense of the beauty of our retreat location, beginning the day with our usual morning bodyweight strength and conditioning class led by Coach Courtney, followed by a restorative yoga session with Coach Elise. Experience the Italian countryside like a true Tuscan by joining the group for truffle hunting, an activity that involves identifying areas where the truffle plant grows. The group will reconvene for a scrumptious dinner in the evening, where we will reflect on our first full retreat day and get excited about our next adventure. 




After the regular morning workout and restorative yoga, we will be replenished and ready to truly bask in the glory of the Tuscan countryside by following a guided tour and hike of the property. Retreaters are free to spend the rest of the day exploring and reflecting before meeting again for our group dinner to conclude the night. 



Cooking class

We will continue with our empowering morning movement routine on day four, as we begin to step into the Italian mindset and learn how they grow and prepare their food with deep commitment and passion. Italy is famous for its organic everything, from the produce you cook with to the wine you drink, and with our inclusive cooking class with an Italian chef, we can learn how we can take a piece of Tuscany back to our home kitchens. If all goes well, we will use the truffles we gathered earlier in the retreat to experience the true meaning of farm-to-table.  



Day trip to Florence

We will be energized and ready to explore the historic city of Florence after our classic morning exercise, so be ready to hop on the train and get to know a new part of Italy. Whether you like to shop at local markets, admire European architecture, or hit up restaurants, there is a place for you in Florence.



Wine tour

Italy is famous for its organic wines that are locally mined. On day 6 of our wellness retreat, you will enjoy a wine-tasting tour and learn how wines are produced and perfected. Whether you are a wine newbie or fanatic, there is something for you in this unique, natural selection. 

What's Included

What's Included




Wine tasting

Guided hike

Day trip to Florence

Truffle hunting

Transport to FLR airport

Daily room cleaning

2 Glasses of wine with each dinner


Swimming pool access

Staff gratuity




1 double bed or 2 single beds 1 bathroom with shower plasma TV, telephone, WiFi




1 double bed, 1 double sofa bed with large bathroom with a shower and bathtub, plasma TV, telephone, internet




Large room with 1 double bed or 2 single beds, 1 bathroom with shower Plasma TV, telephone, WiFi




Large room with a sitting room, 1 bedroom 1 single or double sofa bed, bathroom with shower 1 living room plasma TV, telephone, WiFi




Large room with terrace, double bedroom, single sofa bed, single bed on the mezzanine, shower room Plasma TV, mini-bar, air conditioning


Fattoria Lavacchio

We do not remember days, we remember moments”, said the Italian writer Cesare Pavese. And so… let us savour moments of Chianti, of flavours, of joy, poetry and freedom! Eternal moments so fleeting that they leave their mark forever engraved upon our hearts !

At la Fattoria, we are forerunners in organic farming methods and producing sulfite-free wine.

We were also the first of the Chianti Rufina winegrowers to cultivate the land according to these principles. We have always strived to promote biodiversity and sustainable development. These principles are found in our motto: “Organic Lifestyle”.In keeping with this approach, Faye is turning her attention to the dictates of biodynamics, laid down by Rudolf Steiner, and is slowly beginning to apply their rules.

Fattoria Lavacchio



Outrun Gravity outdid itself at the Italy Retreat. OMG what an experience! From the yoga, to the hikes, to the wine tasting, it was all top notch. The location in Tuscany was to die for. The views from every angle were amazing. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. The most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. Thanks Courtney and Elise for the trip of a lifetime!


You'll Be Staying Here

Fattoria Lavacchio

Fattoria Lavacchio

The very best of Tuscany and its way of life.

La Fattoria Lavacchio is the place for relaxing, being spellbound, treating yourself, having fun and taking full advantage of unique experiences. Enology, stays, gastronomy, activities, unforgettable excursions and milestone events, your Lavacchio travel diary reflects the very best Tuscany and its lifestyle have to offer


Florence (FLR) is the closest airport, we recommend flying into and out of FLR.  

Your purchase includes your room, breakfast, lunch, dinner, transportation to and from the airport, yoga, fitness classes, workshops, truffle hunting, cooking class, wine tasting, day trip to Florence and meditation classes.

Tuscany Wellness Retreat

Italy· September 16 - 22 2024· 6 nights